Empowering Sustainable Local Flow in Communities


Inc. Buffalo Song Foundation and iKembali Institute for Transformation

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Uplifting Communities through Creativity, Culture, Empowerment and Wellbeing

FLOW TRUST was incorporated to reach more into remote, regional and disadvantaged communities with free or affordable high impact services, awards and philanthropic support.



We offer developmental coaching, learning, training and mentoring programs that target professional and vocational skills, economic innovation, personal development and well-being.  We also embed literacy skills in our creativity-led formats

A Track Record of Qualified Experience In Non Profit, Creative Economies and Communities



We are currently working on a range of creativity projects, Arts and Heritage festivals and empowered mentor development programs.  Take the flow challenges, or get in touch and find out how we can assist your charity to gain higher impact in your community. 

Our Journey













Our Founding Trustees have been active in charity work, human rights advocacy, community support and international social development since early 1990s, when they first met at community arts and wellbeing Empower Centre in Australia.

In the decades that followed, charity work has been their passion and altruistic vocation of lifetime academic and professional skills they have collectively built up in their careers.

In 2020, together walking through a Philanthropic Course at Stanford University our NZ born Trustees decided they were ready to take on a new phase of identified charity development and support to those who need it most—communities and disadvantaged groups or individuals who are reaching out for ways to develop themselves, their livelihoods and the wellbeing of their general community.

We recognised our combined professional skills and enormous creative culture expertise can be applied in ways to support revitalisation, resilience and transformation towards sustainability well-being.  

We are a New Zealand registered non-profit Trust with office and centre of administration in the North and South Island.  Registered NZ charitable trust register 50040240.

Vivienne Tobassa Eggers

Started out in a NZ family heavily involved in community services.

In the 1980s she held numerous roles of event management, charity fundraising function and board administration management and training development.  In creativity she trained in Arts, Design, Film Production, music performance. By 1992 she founded the Empower Centre, gallery, wellness and multi-cultural expression.  In 1997 after many support roles with community charities and homeless centres she began a global initiative of charity in fair trade and and sustainable development.  In 2002 she joined Ela Gandhi and Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, Spiritual Leader of Native Dakota Lakota Sioux and founder of Wolakota 501c3 and World Peace and Prayer movement of 7.5 million people supporting Mother Earth and Indigenous rights.  She became international coordinator in UK.  In 2015 she was appointed as a United Nations advisor for management after over two decades of sustainable development and pro-bono transformation services globally and in Asia-Indonesia.  In 2017 Vivienne returned to NZ to care for her mother and establish her community work in creativity, therapy and learning, overcoming a crippling terminal illness, continuing her international and academic achievements that include Masters in International Law and Human Rights, Arts and Management.  Vivienne holds position of Flow Trust Chairperson

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Marcus Taylor

Marcus began his successful creative career in the 1970s after leaving his Queenstown establishment as a popular restauranteur.  His altruistic and charitable community service work also commenced early, as he forged a career in Art, Design and Fashion in Australia.  Having received recognition for many of his creative projects and installations by 1997 Marcus won the award and became the lead float parade designer for the Sydney Gay Mardi-gras—one of the world's largest festivals.  He continued to work creatively and on many projects including set design and creative production for television.  After overcoming total paralysis from an accident, Marcus evolved his skills as an empowerment coach and healing practitioner.  Slowly regaining his mobility, he continued to apply his skills as a creative and business professional in Australia and then upon his return to New Zealand.  In following years he established and managed a successful NZ charitable trust with the founder, providing commended sustainable development to villages in the Pacific.  He has continued his multi-cultural interests and advocacy in charity, community arts as well as winning creative design awards in Wellington for his professional projects in commercial sector.  He perceives his retirement years ahead to evolve in philanthropic pursuits in New Zealand and abroad.  Marcus holds the position of Flow Trust Treasurer.  

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