PEACE: Preservation, Education, Arts, Culture and Environment brings us together with aligning values of preserving our world, our heritage, our creativity and culture lineage while fostering a global society of Sustainability in daily mindful practice.  We believe the harmonious balance of life; of young and old, ancient and futurist, creativity and process is inherent in whole systems cycles that evolve awareness and our adaptive resilience.


CONSCIOUS FLOW is an innovation mixed media collaboration, established to connect with culture, creativity, eco-sustainability and empowerment lifestyles that ascend self awareness.  Our focus is to support raising society evolution into flow states of higher consciousness; to provide mentor knowledge, expertise and tactical services that enable deep, lasting transformation in all areas of life.  Our sustainability operations framework ensures our whole systems approaches towards mutually beneficial relationships and living choices.

SUSTAINABILITY AND CHARITABLE GIVING is integral to our Social Enterprise Sustainability business model and philanthropic channel. We ensure to give, regenerate from our commercial prosperity and our profits directly and through supporting other bonafide concerns.  Our not for profit iKembali international Transformation Institute is the ultimate target for our business success.  


FLOW COLLABORATION is a peer network supported by experienced practitioner coaches and mentors. We are dedicated to transformation and to deliver products, creativity, personal wellness and professional empowerment services to you online and to local communities.  People join us for personal or professional reasons on a casual or intentional basis.  They seek to meet others, gain awareness and build rapport—with desire for health, abundance and to grow sustainably in consciousness, creativity and culture.  Some of our groups are held to enable an individual's dream of making positive change in their life. They need to address specific problems but have limited access to transformation expertise and to find the courage and the way to breakthrough change.  


Experience and research has identified that the decision to change must be reinforced by practice within a supporting infrastructure and  people.  A team who will help to "make it happen". Our collaboration meet ups also offer unique support frameworks in community and online to assist individuals to address specific problems or goals for change while receiving empowered accountability coaching. Many of our members are also regular contributors and advisors to our magazine, podcast and broadcast shows.  


We network to build collaborative connection and public profile around ourselves and our creativity products, Arts and services in a non-sales environment.  We network to enrich and improve our individual practice, peer referrals and to facilitate community, individuals and organisations who are seeking change.  Many utilise the diverse range of life personal development, wellness and professional development skills offered by MyFlowClub collaborators.

Join us if you desire to network—aligning professional skills and services, your creativity products and profile, are interested in learning and growing towards a conscious sustainability culture.  MyFlowClub members collaboration offers a life-long tier of free membership—designed to foster the community spirit and values that we uphold.


From experience we know that in personal and professional change initiatives, profound lasting transformation will only succeed after breakthrough strategies if there is a supportive network to guide and uplift the change process as it becomes reinforced.  Our networks provide this opportunity to also reach members in community—those disadvantaged, lacking access to our professional services, or initially needing inspiration and exposure to change benefits.  We are inter-denominational and do not associate with any specific religious practices—upholding the legal human rights of individuals to choose their own path in spiritual (or scientific agnostic) advancement, but regardless contribute and benefit a greater, multi-cultural society.


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND WELLNESS including transcendent life coaching, nutrition, complimentary and wellness therapies; integral psychology, neuroscience, cognitive and psychodynamic therapies, Ancient Healing and Wellness systems, traditional sacred knowledge and healing for wholistic Mind, Body, Spirit aligned change.



PROFESSIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, LEARNING PROGRAMS as managerial advisory, workshops, organisation or team events for company talent culture, performance recognition and overall developmental goals are offered alongside recognised expert level Organisation Change Management consulting.  With senior change expertise to UN advisory, our founders are aware and actively working at the front line of global societal transformation. Today, professional thought leaders are strategically ahead with concepts of Spiritual Capitalism, Social Responsibility and Creativity Talent Retention in alignment with Culture Diversity, Innovation, Learning and Artificial Technology trends.  We offer high level expertise, Chief Executive knowledge and mid managerial tactical support to your business transformation by combining traditional organisation change management, leadership governance and advanced strategic enterprise development.  We also train and consult in all functions and all levels of your business and customer environment.



TRANSCEND Consilience Dimensional Model transformation coaches are accredited practitioners in advanced, wholistic life coaching and enabling change; empowering individual lifestyles and work-life balance. Qualified, we also deliver professional Talent, Leadership and Organisation Development and Culture learning programs or competency needs assessed training and development.

TRANSCEND CDM consolidates a unique, whole systems sustainability transformation framework to empower individuals. TCDM also enables reflexive approaches towards organisation culture and societal adaptive change under the validation principles of human rights legal authority.  A suitable utility for disaster preparedness.

Post Graduate Qualified in Arts, Communications, Psychology, Therapies, Management and Strategy and Change.  Formalised in PHD progression International Law, Human Rights and Sustainability governance, in addition to recognised global change management authority through a 25 year success track record in global organisation development, enterprise restructure and innovation, our founder has thirty years of undertaking grass roots charitable work and pro bono sustainable development in local community, third world conflict, disaster recovery and economic recovery for environment, social capacity, capability and poverty alleviation.  An additional lifetime immersion and work with global Indigenous cultures qualifies us to offer true expertise integrating whole person and societal transformation. 


We hold meet ups for professional and personal networking and for our accountability coaches to support community to succeed individual goals and desires in their lives.  Contact us below if you wish to organise a meet-up in your area, sponsor or for more information.


FLOW COLLABORATION MAGAZINE spotlights specific conscious lifestyle themes, published as a periodical online magazine to MyFlowClub members and social media outlets.

Our creativity promotions, events and features include Art, media, short film, photography and interactive empowerment bytes to uplift your knowledge and evolvement. 

MyFlowClub members meet ups may also curate exhibitions, performances, music and other events that support the flow.

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