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Life Learning in Cultural Diversity


The Vision for Flow Trust Institute is to provide an enriched developmental journey that integrates learning with physical environments and technology advancements.  We understand that life learning should be personally adaptive, stimulating, experiential and is a lifetime culturally immersive process.  One that draws on personal esteem and development foundations, extends family values and societal adaptive collaboration.  Life learning includes participant-self led inquiry, mentoring and interaction for sustainability results of personal, social and societal prosperity and wellbeing—as we embrace new climatic, environmental and economic challenges.  Flow Trust Institute of Transformation integrates professional needs, education, vocation and personal development with transpersonal Living Arts  to reflect diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

—Lao Tzu


Our Philosophy


We live in times of great uncertainty, facing challenges that are new to humans. Often we seek to solve perceived problems by asserting our control upon others.  But although many of our current planetary issues are new, there are those in our ancestral world who have walked the balancing path through great change, war, famine and other suffering.  What we can learn from the great sages of our past is that in times of turmoil, the most impactful transformation that swept our civilisations came from the application of personal growth and development of social codes and values.  

Today, our respective religions and philosophical teachings possibly hold adequate guidance for our personal and social virtue.  We have grown to tire of the ravages of war and destructive governance. Now we begin to benefit from technology that will remove our jobs, maybe our esteem from loss of careers—while caring for our environment has become critical to survival of all.

How do we embrace and adapt through the massive upheaval upon us?  Do we cultivate ourselves as our noble wise ones in history advised?  We must surely, if we are to achieve necessary resilience and to evolve purpose and self meaning for journeying in humanity.


We may build our adaptive traits and sustainability by preserving heritage values, cultural interactive learning and revitalising creativity in our knowledge development and sharing.  We may utilise advances in scientific understanding and technology to support the process and our inter-cultural exchange, our communications and harmonious relations with each other.


Flow Trust Institute aspires to support the peace journey in culture—of creativity, wellness and economic livelihoods that align with environmental and heritage protection, lead us into the technology uplift era with inner strength and well being that begins from our core.

Forest Trees

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