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We understand that professional learning development and training needs are complex, vary with the industry you are in—such as size of your business, workforce regulations, your leadership, and your team unique strategy, mission and goals.

We're ready to assist you to navigate business growth and success by making well planned, team and culture development strategies.  We design and deliver effective learning solutions that build a safe, compliant, literate and thriving workforce, leaders and people. 

Our Services


We're experts in bringing transformation to business—building your capability through HR, tailored learning and development programs, instructional design and training services, assessment, blended learning and NCALNE literacy embedding in workplace programs, course design and certification.  We're available to support your strategies for growth, leadership and wellbeing.  We're well practiced in three streams of education, vocation and empowerment.


We bring experience curriculum and course design to vocational training, coaching and leadership development using agile methods and innovative design combined with accountable and measurable learning outcomes.  We deliver and facilitate workshops, seminars, online LMS and provide NZQA or International Standards alignment.  We hold knowledge, communications and awareness hub meets and collaborative learning and mentor labs.


We utilize mentor-coaching, immersive, creative techniques and interactive technology to ensure your teams and culture achieve goals on a visible and accountable growth path.  We understand the change environment in SME, organization and community culture and will assist you to fund and integrate your learning needs with talent, communications and performance within equity, diversity and legal compliance.    

Our Experience


Every expert has their own journey to tell.  Ours began almost thirty years ago in Australia-NZ consultancy to Ministry of Education restructure, then managing the training and transformation of vocational education, establishment, infrastructure and technology rollout of 150 technical institutes, Migrant Education, University and Learning Agencies.  In that time we trained, coached and managed the transformation of many thousands of people—developing training programs, courses, workshop and seminars for managers, educators, operations, HR and cultural adoption of change.

In the twenty years that followed, we've been busy in governments, organisations and communities around the world with academic and vocation education, organization development and learning, change and technology training, SME, non-profit and individual empowerment.  We hold the kind of expertise that is only brought by extensive hands-on experience, coupled with our own life-learning and academic achievements at all levels and areas of society.

Whether you're looking for bespoke learning solutions, developmental support or training of office solutions and technical process and procedures—we have the experience and the know-how to make it happen.

If you have special needs and vocational literacy issues we also bring our creativity, psychology and anthropology experience to embed learning in effective, interactive and tailored needs programs.

If it's customer service, spa or hospitality, wellbeing or employment law—we're also here to help you achieve the best for your business need.


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