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Context is key.  A whole systems approach is a sustainability model of a healthy, abundant and happier world. We empower, enable and mentor life change with special offerings for progressive healing, development and transformation.  


We enable whole systems approach and services to achieve deep, enduring and powerful change across four individual, lifestyle, organisation and governance channels.  These categories also align to frameworks of sustainability and "quadruple bottom line"—leading strategic change in the world across social, economic, environmental and transcending Spiritual capitalism and Social Enterprise in Leadership. 


Free your life burden by addressing the issues, fears, trauma and pain of your now and your past—your growing years conditioning and limiting beliefs and behaviours that restrict your joy, health and abundant life.  We have the range of integral modalities, therapies and development options to empower you to grow and experience true potential.


Empower your leadership and organisation culture for innovation, performance and adaptive resilience.  Successful business transformation is determined by strategy, people, clarity of communications and enablement infrastructure. We have the expertise to facilitate your change with mentorship, services and strategic power to achieve your success goals.


Develop sustainability resilience by contribution as you process transformation.  Altruism begins with self-awareness and understanding of our impact in the world, our environment with short and long term consequences.  We bring you philanthropic and charitable opportunities to empower personal and professional change—benefit to all. 


Is it your time to transcend your empowered practice beyond material achievement?  We walk a sacred practice that takes you into realms and dimensions where you may embrace your soul essence and path of Self -Realisation. We facilitate sacred experiences if your call is to explore spirit as a personally held "truth"—an experience of the bliss from higher devotion.




We understand the problems faced by people who desire to change something about their life, but keep coming up against a wall, or find themselves in a loop that ends up where they started with all good intention.  There are many reasons as humans, we don't easily make changes.  The most popular knowledge in personal empowerment fields is that we are affected by conditioning in the first eight years of our lives.  What we learn to believe about ourselves creates the belief programs and behaviours that we continue and reinforce into adulthood.  At some point childhood learned survival strategies  may degrade our quality of living.   


Contemporary psychology and sciences will identify that these patterning traits may also be passed genetically and through customary cultural inheritance.  But there is so much more inherent in our inner world that shapes the identity and experiences we have in our adult life.  And as often the systems are subconscious and invisible, we are at a loss to breakthrough the constraints that keep us stuck, or "trying" in a specific path that repeatedly leads to failure, lack, more grief and more trauma.  Sometimes we are just afraid. 


TRANSCEND CDM is a comprehensive, deep and lasting program that requires motivated desire and commitment.  For many it may be the last resort of falling to hopelessness and desperation.  For others, the clarity and assurance of working with top practitioners and healers is all that is needed to make the leap for change.

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Choose your path

With more than twenty years success, we offer a comprehensive range of effective therapy modalities and life empowerment tools aimed to mentor, coach and support you through all life management including those extra difficult aspects.  We integrate "body, emotion, mind and spirit" whole systems approaches with transcending overall life attributes into consciousness and sustainability resilience.




Enabling and Mentoring Your Business Success

Our professional managerial consultancy spans small, medium and large business, government and community service across whole of organisation and global economies.  If you are seeking entrepreneurship or new ventures, we have end to end design and innovation expertise from strategy planning, concept development, design and production cycles and the brand, communications and marketing services that are necessary to take you into local and international markets.  If your need is corporate or governance, we facilitate, advise and mentor leadership, corporate and good governance, organisation culture development, change frameworks, stakeholder relationships, training and implementing change at project, program and enterprise level.  Our track record of incredible success covers people, process, technology and strategy, with twenty five years of driving change and cultural assimilation. 

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Meeting Personal and Group Strategic Needs

Personal transformation, wellbeing and life balance is increasingly focussed on meeting needs where society stresses note the gaps - in professional talent or employee management or personal creative exploration.  We enable sustainability resilience and adaptive change—reported by experts to be critical for life forward. A world embracing Artificial Intelligence, innovation, climate and Environmental Change impacts.

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Our unique innovation and developmental options combine personal and professional learning with "conscience" and social enterprise.   Field trips regenerate incubated business projects and philanthropic funding visibly and accountably into worthwhile causes.

We are motivated in partnering you towards saving our planet and enabling people and communities who are disadvantaged.  Our learning alliances with international educators and our UN involvement ensure your profitable entrepreneurship incubation ventures will benefit many while you gain necessary and valued skills.  Academic accreditation may also be possible.  Develop your own venture, help others and the planet sustainably.  Some intensive retreat courses or tours to other countries in fair trade and social development are available.



Mindful and Energising Practices for Living Consciously 

The Sacred Way is not for all.  But beyond the sacrifice of total commitment, the opportunity to progress our soul evolution is empowering to our personal emotional and mental wellbeing, and also brings peaceful balance and harmony to those we interact and share our daily lives.  Mindfulness, Yoga, ancient Taoism and other Sacred lineages teach us how to align ourselves with the higher power of divinity—however we choose to religiously worship.  Embarking on Sacred practices takes us individually and together closer to our global societal goal of Sustainability Peace transformation.

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