We begin our intentional process of life change through reviewing the scope of our person and overviewing a contextual framework that will facilitate our ultimate transformation—aligned to our higher-self and all that we conceive as possibilities from our current state.  We then commence our process of creating a new paradigm at the base level of our human existence—an “adult-child” in explorative re-birth experience with awakened faculties.  This dynamic framework will remain flexible and develop. Our perspectives and needs will change significantly as we gain more insight and awareness of our authentic identity  with foundation progression.  


“The deepest and most profound life changing experience I could have imagined.  Thank you so much for all that you have done to help me heal and change my life for the better"

PETER—Arkansas, US, 2017

"I am interested in spiritual healing and life transforming. After many weeks of unsuccessful appointments [elsewhere], I noted immediate relief and my eyes improve. I had issues on other levels too, like that I don’t know what I want, trying to identify my purpose after quitting my job, that I don’t want to do anymore..! So the ideal case  was to discover a potential link between an emotional issue etc. and my health status these days has relieved it.."


By completing four modules you will:


Architect a completely wholistic paradigm of “Self”


Evolve your self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence and implement critical strategies to ensure your life change is successful and enduring 


Review, explore, deconstruct, re-evaluate, repair and re-design achievable life plan milestones that align with your highest aspirations


Establish an aligning transformation blue print 


An estimated twelve months embedded into daily living practices. The course comprises set hours of interactive transformation process, research, activities, assignments and tasks. Dedicated hours after an initial week intensive are approximately 20-25 hours per week. The daily living practices are full time in that you incorporate the developmental practice by replacing or supplementing your existing life regime. The coaching, counsel and tuition hours are tailored according to individual needs. Additional therapy and counselling may be taken in conjunction with the course on a needs basis and identified needs also determine whether you are accepted into the program. Effectiveness of the program will also be measured by the extent of personal therapy and coaching, level of commitment and compliance with the process. This course may be intensified into full-time tuition with duration of six months and two intensive retreats. In this scenario the hours prescribed in format will double. Coaching practitioners who intend to certify attend a third intensive retreat on leadership and coaching.


One week intensive retreat (50 hours) 

Five hours one-one coaching per week  (67% discount)

Four hours video/interactive instruction per week

Two-three hours webinar or coach accountability per week

Ten hours distance/online/set tasks and activities

Evaluation and Accreditation


Additional two day meet-up (16 hours) x 2 (options for groups)

Flow Club Collaboration Networks

Practitioner-coaches may also network their professional services and knowledge through "MyFlowClub" (includes LinkedIn/Facebook community).  These groups also provide additional accountability coaching to TRANSCEND CDM ™ clients.



Apart from our obvious senior experiential expertise and global personal, professional Transformation and Spiritual Consciousness, we also provide intensive one-to-one interactive sessions and mentorship that is beyond a superficial program.  We want you to succeed and join our mission of raising awareness.

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$16,474.50 including GST.  Excludes any additional agreed therapies.


Payment instalment options exist.


One week intensives may be taken as a stand-alone retreat and represent an overview immersion in the transformation components of this course—designed for re-set and establishing a start point on a newly empowered and clear path.  $2,650.00


Life Practitioner Coach—Leaders Certification—Please enquire.

Yes, our program is targeting, dedicated and committed achievers in life. We know its effectiveness and utility to impact many in our rapidly changing economies and talent workforce, where leadership needs to meet new stringent forms of adaptive resilience, cultural intelligence and optimal flow performance—ultimately to build sustainability awareness in success.  But our programs cannot be taught alone in academic, technical or rote environments.  Flow states and consciousness is an individual quest where attainment is assisted and mentored inter-personally and immersively best by those who have already achieved the way during their accomplishments in life.  These accomplishments are not only material, but spiritual where the altruism of greater leadership comes into play.  


We have an altruistic heart.  We are dedicated to supporting disadvantaged to also achieve life transformation and contribute significant profits to this cause.  We also have community based programs and online development options to reach those less fortunate on their path.  Please contact us below if you are not yet able to participate in the level of this program and we'll do our best to advise.



Our additional counsel and expert coaching services (starting @ $150.00 per hour) are offered at 50% discount to all TRANSCEND CDM clients, with no obligation to receive these extra services*.  While we cannot guarantee snake oil miracle cures and solutions to your most urgent, critical and perceived negative life issues—we can certainly guarantee that if you commit and adhere to our TRANSCEND CDM foundation, you will identify targets and achieve measurable results that signify real, accountable transformation. 

The Saving is Significant

Professional, qualified health, wellness, empowerment services and coaching may be costly to many.  Even through public health provision the ongoing hourly rates of professional experts average around $134—$250 per hour. With 250 hours @ $50 per hour for one-one sessions, our services are within reach and more affordable. We target maximum impact techniques with a comprehensive individual support infrastructure—that would typically cost personal development clients many thousands of dollars on an ad hoc basis. Our 5 hours per week expert coaching for this course will cost an individual $37,500.00 on average professional scale.  We cannot guarantee that we can always offer this service price and only offer to applicants we accept. 




*This offer is excluded to professional and high-end personal clients.

The Investment


We certainly believe so.  And should you pay professional experts when wanting to transform your whole life or make significant crucial change? Although this personal investment in your life health, wealth, wisdom and happiness success may seem a significant outlay of time and finance—we ensure maximum return on your investment. 

The important benefit is to be aware that this is not a superficial learning and development template but a genuine model for wholistically empowering resilient wellness.  We have created a highly effective, yet personally tailored framework to ensure personal development at this deep, intensively transformative level is affordable, while providing lifelong infrastructure and supports for permanent change.  We do not enforce any exclusive alliance or religious indoctrination into our personal development platform—we align with the flow theories of world renown psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and beyond—our own personal and professional passage of transformative change has evolved our recognition as expert in the field and in Spiritual Emissary Leadership with Shamanic Elders and Holy People globally.  We also see your existing and ongoing life empowerment activities as assets that you bring towards achieving your goals.

Core Modules



My Life Blue Print (Breath)



The cosmic essence


  • The breath of the universe and existence

  • Intention our conscious unity through breath, body and sound

  • Maintaining mindful practice in transformation

  • Opening our sensory receptors for awareness growth

  • Meeting the storm: our relationship and service with the custodians of Mother Earth and Deva cosmic cycles.

  • Identifying the bliss state—where we return beyond the veil

  • Meeting all else on our path with respect and value

  • Clearing the ground we walk—setting the path of intentional change



My Sacred Way Definition

Aligning my highest potential with my integral beliefs and faith systems



Establishing in the world with intention

  • Redress for resilience—what is our situation now?

  • Inner constellations—placing our ancestral pathways in context

  • Directions and pathways—where are we heading in life and how does this fulfil us?

  • Survival and Sustainability—what are our needs?

  • Evolution, behaviours, traits and adaptation for advancing survival.

  • Techniques and practices for adaptive life change beyond "normal" consciousness - breath, body, senses



My Life Blue Print Design

The unique, establishing framework for life transformation—practice foundation platform for self approaches to healing, wellness, expanding awareness and superseding previous beliefs about physical and emotional limits for life resilience.



My Wellness (Body)



Introduction to plant cosmology and the consciousness of eating for life


  • Why do we eat?  Understanding nutrition and weight issues from the paradigm of Consciousness

  • The medicinal role of plants, herbs in treatment

  • Food and its history as medicine

  • Health systems based on plant, ritual and cosmic knowledge 

  • My Skin – understanding topical complexities and inter-relationship of plants, energy and treatments that induce stress-management



My Rejuvenation

Stress management, vitalisation and general wellness plan



The conscious awareness approach to food and eating

  • Food and its role in prevention and treatment

  • Macronutrients, micronutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants

  • Nutrition complexities and controversies, evidence research 

  • Food and the gut

  • Food and the brain

  • Foods, fertility and pregnancy

  • Food and weight

  • Food and sustainability

  • Organic and cost: options for produce growth, source and selection



My Life Nutrition Plan

Transferring and Integrating Goals into My Life Blue Print

A nutritional knowledge and rejuvenation practice platform that supports transformation process and life beyond



The Body, Energy Systems and Physicality

  • Function of the human animal: anatomy and physiology with relation to movement and our biological existence.

  • Vitality beyond eating—how integrating intentional physicality will support health and longevity.

  • History of physical intention systems and their use; motivations

  • Listening to the body—developing sensate awareness and evolving physical responses awake and while sleeping

  • Choosing and integrating conscious physical systems and breathing for the purpose of restoring and caretaking our whole system. 

  • Physicality use for pain management and healing; adjusting techniques and applications for personal conditions

These are just a sample of our base modules that we integrate a comprehensive, and interactive range of personal modalities, techniques and tools. Would you like to see more?

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