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—we're Sustainability: for impact, not for profit 

Inspired by a desire to connect local suppliers, wild-harvested, fairly traded producers and reach consumers with unique artisan products, eco-supplies, wellness—healthy living treats.  

We grow, gather, process, and pack an array of wild, organic and nutritional products that are specially created for your wellness and taste experience!

We've spent more than twenty years in the field, involving Arts, craft producers, complimentary wellness and therapies, nutrition, beauty, spa, and artisan fair trade. Our mentoring development and creation of experiences will bring an exciting world cultural experience to your door.  Support local, impact global ethical trade practices targeting poverty and minimizing environmental damage.

—Vivienne Tobassa Eggers, International Sustainable Development  

We wild harvest, grow, source from organic and local producers where possible, suppliers of quality boutique produce, whole foods, and artisan specials.  We work with remote communities, in sustainable development and fair trade to source, incubate, innovate, and develop eco-ethical world suppliers of unique products since1997. We target low waste and recyclable packaging.  

Simply select your choices from our shopping gallery and we'll deliver to you.  Remember, we also empower and enable your transformation.  Book a nutrition planner or coaching session with our experienced Green Goddess wellness consultants to build a tailored plan and wellness blueprint for your life needs and goals.  

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Find recipes and tips for using your artisan products.  Access knowledge, advisory and even empowerment courses.  We enable you to use our products to your best advantage.

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Do you need nutritional help?  We are experienced wellness consultants and happy to recommend or even plan your weekly meals so you know "what to shop" for on our delivery run. We also hold regular workshops where we can support your nutrition and wellness learning for self-transformation.

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