Red Sun Rising

Creative Photography by Vivienne Tobassa Eggers (c) 2019

A symbol of prophecy for many Indigenous tribes, the red sun was taken from Mount Ruapehu, NZ on the eve of White Island volcanic eruption—where 47 people were caught in the blast that killed 22 people. Meanwhile, the fires blazing across the Tasman sea in Australia were the reason for the atmospheric occlusion—drifting smoke and fire haze darkened the skies.

The fires took the lives of 75 Australians and nearly 3 billion animals were killed. If that were not enough, flash floods followed. Over in California, USA uncontrollable wildfires destroyed 253,00 hectares of forest and the country was then also doused in rains, much of the country quickly becoming designated flood disaster zones. All the while, Covid-19 was ramping up in China and beginning its global lethal spread as a pandemic that modern humanity has never known—a death toll of 1.39 million and rising.

Reflection upon the multiple Indigenous tribal prophecies involving the "time of the red sun" begs the question—should we really dismiss tribal knowledge as myth, fable and pseudoscience? Perhaps our science is the field that is just a little too narrow without considering the greater whole and contextual connections—i.e., consciousness that lives and dies with a brain inside a body instead of a spiritual essence that lives on with a body and mind within—sharing a lucid dreaming state and other dimensions of reality.

Rather than be philosophical, let us consider with the rational, material mind. Possibly it is experience and cultural memory that brings the knowledge for Indigenous people to pass on as wisdom in lineage prophecies. For this example of red sun—if many thousand years and generations ago our ancestors experienced times of volcanic upheaval and resultant fires; perhaps enforced migration in boats across the oceans to resettle, wouldn't they reasonably have taken the learning experience of the event with them and the significant symbols of that event and what preceded their ultimate escape—i.e., as warning of a red sun clouded in the vapours and haze of nearing disaster?

Cultural memory and the learning from narrative, often degraded as ignorant mythology may have a deeper connection and meaning to life than our society gives credence—and unfortunately, fails to heed warnings, even those of the scientists themselves. The red sun is here and climate change is real, is not a political platform for politicians to win "green" votes or pretend solutions when they're really finding a way to progress capitalism. Climate change is a shared responsibility for all in global society—for survival. It's our survival and our responsibility. Let us all listen and communicate; collaborate better, focus on sustainable wellbeing in our economy.

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