Four Sacred Foundations for Profound Life Change











The four foundations form the stages that we process change metamorphosis in life.  When we seek to make intentional change, we may also progress The Sacred Way to Cosmic power.  This is the great rainbow serpent of the dreaming realm from where we first came.


The rainbow serpent is depicted in our heavens as Ophiuchus—the thirteenth precessional constellation in the Hororary disc. Many thousands of years ago, until the advent of patriarch, this constellation of Sacred Feminine also marked the hidden realms of Cosmic Power.  It later became known to Thoth and Hermes for the same mysteries of life and human rejuvenation.  The Ophiuchus caduceus is now the common medical symbol used globally.  Today, astronomers have also returned the thirteenth constellation into scientific precession. 

In human contexts, the Indigenous symbolism of the Rainbow Serpent maps to the Kundalini of Yoga and other traditional energy systems.  The rainbow serpent also iconises a "ladder of illumination" and seven important milestones to self-awareness and real transformation.  But the icon of our past also found passage into modern global governance.  After the fall of the Greek matriarchy, Pythagorus took over the serpent temple of the Goddess and with her knowledge oracle, founded his own mysteries numbers school; first removing the Yin (I Ching) or "feminine" aspects of the oracle.  According to leading economists, this marked the beginning of our current financial system.


The long passage of buried, distorted and reused ancient knowledge is not unlike our own buried traumas and memories.  The original event may have been as we perceived it, but over time we react from defence mechanisms we have created to protect our survival, but have very little relation to our actual experience.  

In Transcend CDM we ascend the ladder of illumination during the stages of our process—firstly to re-establish an "authentic self" from the distorted past.  After, we review each gate as we climb toward a new wholeness. This is a comprehensive ascension, tailored to individual or group needs and requires dedication to experience the benefits of assured results.




Transcend CDM is designed to enable profound personal transformation for individuals and tailored to groups.  Additional tailored programs are developed for organisation change. It is a comprehensive practice model that builds life aptitude and resilience after supporting the process of transcending limiting conditions. The program may also be taken as a transformation life-coach practitioner certification.   The four foundations of Transcend CDM represent essential building blocks to the framework of transformation.  This framework serves as a platform for the Personal Development and Learning.

Transcend CDM is a life-time platform with free or tiered membership; and after taking the foundation modules you may extend your knowledge in any of the foundations by undertaking individual empowerment modules at any stage, at any time.  The core framework is offered in mixed mode delivery (intensives, interactive online and distance).  


















As you grow with the process, your personal development options and commitment become more self-directed and practice based with additional mentor coaching.  The entire framework endures approximately four years (for individuals) and may be extended with agreement or intensified into two years.  Additional intensive retreats are available that may fast track your developmental experience.  All foundation module knowledge and practices are integrated and supported through your daily living for the entire four year period.  If it is a professional organisation commitment we design and tailor the framework according to contextual strategic assessment.  In these situations we are able to deliver specific developmental bytes that may form micro-credits to employees in work-life balance leadership and developmental talent culture.  If you are an individual we also tailor the programs and foundation to your specific needs and desires, which will also be greatly impacted by the level of life therapies and counselling you require.


Why a two-four year duration?


In traditional therapies and counselling it is well recognised that effective transformation and real results are found and measured after a two-four year period of relationship and transformation engagement.  To many, this may seem a long time but the relationship is flexible, built with trust between the client and practitioner and is essentially a form of coach partnering the client through a significant transition in their quest for healing and making a life forward.  In professional change management we also recognise the two year cycle, from strategy planning through implementation and cultural adoption—even though specific programs may only last three-six months.  The adjustment is that the program scope or business is revisited during various stages.  Additional iterative cycles of change management take place as the longer term results of cultural assimilation are evaluated.  In organisations this process may continue beyond the four year post evaluation mark, depending on the business strategy and its intended lifespan.  

Life is like an onion...

You peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep

—Carl Sandburg

Rapid Change in Ninety Days

We're not offering you a quick fix for your entire life.  But we can promise you that you and others will note significant transformation by the milestone of the first three months.  In Neuroscience, ninety days or three months is considered the minimum period required to repattern our beliefs and thought systems that may be holding us back.  But three months is also a critical "make or break" decision point where we have highest risk of falling back into our old ways and beliefs.  A further ninety days of continued practice and interactive process will reinforce the paradigm shift towards permanence.  But remember, Transcend CDM is a "whole systems" approach.  And if we focus on achieving transformation from only one change initiator (the reasons and perspectives we held when we entered into transformation process) we are unable to address the multi-dimensional facets of our life blueprint to fully resolve the core issues.  This complexity in human development is why we developed an integral model that draws the multiple paradigms into one consilience point.  

Steps to Empower

Modules of Enablement

To facilitate the permanent flow states of transformation, we must tackle all areas of wellness, health, wealth, abundance and happiness—and not in a superficial way.  For this reason we developed the process and guide you during your foundations to master your own transformation with life skills, strategies and supports to continue on your path with clarity and confidence.  A collaboration of others embracing the new, will afford mutual support and our network of therapists and coach practitioners will be on hand should you need further professional assistance. 

Progress Results and Your Goals in Alignment to Your Personal Growth Path for Life Time Empowerment

All foundations and modules of empowerment are able to be taken independently after commitment and completion of the "Internal Universe" (see below for details).  The foundations are Agile (iterative) and commence incrementally before the other has completed due to overlap of modalities and the process involved for development, which is inherently person-centred.  There are additional options to attend intensive retreats to fast-track your program and benefits.

After completion of the four framework foundations, Transcend CDM gives you the opportunity to engage with a life-time collaboration of empowerment networks and support while undertaking development initiatives on your own decision based needs.  We understand your life demands and personal commitment to transformation varies depending on other factors that we call change triggers.  Your desires for certain life goals may also change as you undertake the metamorphosis process.



Healing Within

In this foundation you explore your inner universe against your current state; trauma, goals, needs, obstacles and hidden subconscious traits–your life essence from conception.  

You learn and adapt a wide range of therapy, complimentary and alternative medicines, coaching, empowerment systems and beyond to uncover the truth—your truth; and authentic self identity.

You will first establish your life blueprint platform, your inner constellations and the directions of your cultural inheritance to impact your current state of being.  Your material needs are first addressed—nutrition, life stability and energetic needs.  These will later be formally adjusted as you grow from your current place of seed.

Limiting and core beliefs are held deeply from birth and suppressed or fed as we develop a sense of identity in relationship to the immediate nurturing and authority relationships of family or carers.  From conditioned responses and faulty behaviour strategies—we create when as children we experience fear, anxiety, anger and trauma—we develop a "false" persona and behaviours that will ensure our survival advantage.  Mostly we are not even aware of this process that takes place outside developing intellectual reasoning.  



Gathering New Life Supports and Skills

In this foundation we continue to process our personal empowered healing and develop the vital tools and techniques in various models, modalities and approaches that will enable us to progress a lasting change.  After progressing significant results you will also return to develop your life blueprint plans forward—learning practical infrastructure to serve you in life ahead.

As we progress our transformation, we expose the seen and unseen residue of past trauma.  The "seen" may be grief, physical affliction, violence, psychological abuse or what we may perceive purely as disadvantages.  All impacts to our life conduct is a form of trauma.  How we recognise, process and utilise recovering and transcending strategies from trauma depends on the bundle of knowledge, resources and confidence we have to act.   When we have processed the core limiting patterns of our past we are able to rise above and see potential for our lives with greater clarity.  At this stage we may begin anew to plan and develop a life toward abundant joy. 



Navigating in Culture

In this foundation you explore the expansion flow states of consciousness.  By the time we enter our teens, we are deeply participating in social frameworks of power, organisation and codes of behaviour.  Today many call this cultural otherness "the Herd" or "the Tribe".

Often our personal values—from birth seed into formative years are already in significant conflict with other family models of "likeness".  But by now the greater other "the society" or institution of authority has increased demands on our behaviours and compliance.  Often the adherence is requested without the emotional, nurturing concerns of our immediate family otherness.  We are exposed to the onslaught of many energies, many actions and many constraints that have little to do with our already developed sense of self.  Here, our peers and others seem to become almost as powerful as the family unit as we seek ways to gain acceptance and social advantage in the world.  Always, we are not fully equipped for this stage of life as whatever we have developed from our family unit will seem "different" in otherness and we desperately want to belong.



The Sacred Way

Within every person is the Divine seed.  We feel it when we hold our hand to our chest and breathe.  A sense of calmness, of ever-present energetic stability that binds us all together in the flowing waters of life.  As individuals, we may greatly benefit from developing our awareness of this unseen cosmic power.  It is the source of our internally held courage, security and life assuredness.  These factors lead to confidence and continuing a healthy self-esteem we may have already cultivated.  For these reasons and many others, we integrate our sacred practices and interdenominational spiritual awareness throughout transformation process.  Even to non believers a language exists—the equivalent being the quantum unified and super string fields that unite all existence.  Ultimately in metamorphosis we may come to a point where integrating spiritual knowledge, practice and awareness in our material life is not enough.  We may choose to shift our life focus  towards centering living in higher states of consciousness.  This ultimate parameter of sustainability resonates with living in a material world in peaceful harmony with all others and our environment.  Perceived critical by many experts worldwide for global society to survive.

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