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You may not have heard of Vivienne Tobassa despite her extensive global track record of extraordinary achievements.  That's because Vivienne has spent much of her life out in the world—third world, disadvantaged communities, disaster and war zones—quietly doing her unpaid charity.  Eventually the stresses overcame her, but not without her incredible self healing recovery.  Not before those in developing countries who did notice her professional success and charitable giving requested her sustainability transformation knowledge and appointed her to an ASEAN UN Board as Director and expert managerial advisor.  From 25 years of  Change and Cultural expertise, TOBASSA who has an extraordinary life time of Spiritual gifts, therapies, empowerment, academic and personal mastery of adaptive Transformation, will guide you in a way she uniquely brought into this life—the way of Sacred Power.

Anon, freelance journalist Sydney Australia


"Consciousness is a concept of expanding perfectionism to attain idealist goals beyond our current boundaries.  Our quest and the source is really about power—the personal meaning, interaction and values that we construct around being vulnerable.  Our deep desire is to reclaim our sense of wholeness."

Vivienne Tobassa Eggers




Professional Speaker, Transformation Mentor-Coach and Creative who empowers audiences big and small.  Also a Peace emissary, Tobassa followed her psychic dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  She is proud to have a profession that involves inspiring, motivating and enabling  people from diverse backgrounds.

"a once in a lifetime read—rarely produced in our days of superficial mass media."

International Book Review Critics



Higher Insight Knowledge Wisdom and Expertise Beyond the Normative Veil

Vivienne Tobassa, Dewi Sri Vivyana Etherea (S' Ati Tara) uses her literary expertise and arcane knowledge gifts to explore sacred feminine's origins in a personal memoir!  Described as a "revelation for a new way of being", Tobassa brings forth the times of our ancients with Sacred balance perspectives and in a series of literary works reveals to us the Meru Waters of Life cosmology of our astral origins buried in the cultural threads and Indigenous heritage of world society.


Raising the Bar of Society Knowledge Perspectives

After critic review, the first edition of The Sacred Way of Power has been revised and the new, published edition is about to be launched.  This extraordinary, creative non-fiction work personifies perspectives of ancestral Goddess lineage. It verifies Indigenous heritage traced back into pre-history and the start point of current human civilization.  

This book has been described as "a once in a lifetime read—rarely produced in our days of superficial mass media."  Tobassa states this "time of the red sun" she publicly predicted from the age of 16, is also time and need for revelation to secure the path of surrender—in Conscious flow and the return of Sacred balance in humanity.  Our adaptive planetary survival is dependent upon reclaiming essential whole systems knowledge from our original source.  That source lies in an ancient super sensory culture that existed before current systemic versions of world science and religion were concocted.  Through cataclysmic forget and loss of culture, ignorantly or deliberately reinforced by increasingly complex but delusory social power infrastructure established under material threat and fear.


A Matrifocal sophisticated civilisation  that practiced with "One God" honouring.


A hidden and cosmology that explains design of ancient Megalithic sites.

Vivienne Tobassa (M Arts) Writing is experienced in professional commercial, creative writing, learning and academic research. Her current literary work has been accredited under critic review and prospected film production.



Meaningful & Memorable


Transformation Transcending to Highest Levels

A speaker note 

from Vivienne Tobassa

We all want to grow—to evolve, break through and move beyond our current barriers—physical or assumed in life.  Life coaching and Transformation over the past three decades has turned into a solid platform, one that has resulted in an estimate of $4.3 billion USD PER DAY revenue predicted over the next five years.


But so much has happened in our world to impact Personal Development and Transformation.  Thirty years ago our lives were complex and stressful enough.  We needed to reclaim the keys and journey to self-discovery.  But today, that complexity extends to a globally shared knowledge of urgency—that our personal conscience and our societal living must find peaceful harmony and sustainable balance if we are to survive and leave a worthy inheritance to our children.  


Technology currently breeds Artificial Intelligence that is set to restructure the entire economic system and employment  in the next twenty years—as we humans face our vulnerability and our glaring apathetic confidence as pandemic sweeps our global society.  We have long needed a new transpersonal Transformation that brings us ADAPTIVE RESILIENCE-into the personal mix of Joy, Wellness and Abundance.


How do we do take a conscious leap in the face of collective fear and threat to life?  How do we make positive change that brings us the life we want, the relationships and benefits we want for our families, the environment and KEEPS US ONE STEP AHEAD, primed in readiness?  The answers are found in WHOLE SYSTEMS APPROACH—in life experience and fields of Psychology, Sciences and Metaphysics.  Our solutions are integral SACRED BALANCE or states of CONSCIOUS FLOW.  


In culture, the flow balance in life has become a universal goal for those seeking Yoga fitness and Spiritual truth. Transpersonal therapies have started to shape Conscious Capitalism, business approaches and the pursuit of Sustainability Good Governance and Leadership.  Societal experts uphold Creativity and Culture to be the necessary gap solution for  communities and professional Talent Management when Climate disaster displacement, AI and pandemic disease sweeps away the current economic landscape.  WHEN—not IF drastic events occur, we must prepare ourselves more than having village sirens, food banks and muster stations.  Although these items greatly benefit our livelihoods, as humans we are more than logistical arrangements.


But how? How do we change our own limitations and embrace this enormous "wholeness" to create an adaptive blueprint for joy and abundance? Many ask this question.  The truth is, humans CAN make this giant leap required in our current times.  At least (and for our best) we can empower our personal transformation for adaptive survival resilience in a world that does not guarantee individual survival or material status.  We may anchor ourselves on a platform of Consciousness that is aware we are more than one individual mortal life.  We are evolving our experiences and our collective unity.  

We have experience of surviving great cataclysms of the past.  We come from a PRE-HISTORY of SUSTAINABILITY WHOLE SYSTEMS LIVING.  Not just a romantic New Age Utopia.  A real governance and cultural cosmological backbone that supported our people globally for tens of thousands of years.  This society is often referred to as Goddess or Sacred Feminine—but it is important we should know that Men were leaders in society just as much as women.  The significant fact is that in the past, humans have successfully lived for the most part peacefully—in harmony with the land, Cosmos and with creative, cultural expression and wellbeing that comes with lowered threats to life and less stress.  Stress and the complexity of social living is our big killer.


We personally cannot travel back in time to our romantic ideal of Golden Years in civilisation.  Our nostalgia is likely to be filled with delusion.  But we can reveal, extract and pinpoint those principles we lived by in Matriarch that made our world a sustainable civilisation within the cycles of our real governance—Nature.  We may act without losing the technological and regenerative benefits of today's economy.  To begin—we start with the ONE we have within our control—that is, ourselves.  We begin internally a conscious process of change for resilience, and commit a personal Transformation that returns us to Flow states.  Naturally, the individual dots of like mindedness will find each other and connect.  We do not need to waste our time and energy on controlling behaviours of others.  We focus on ourselves and practice.  Our practice leads by example.  Let's shine our individual beacon and collectively we'll light up the world to show a new way forward as humanity.  The time to move forward clearly has arrived.  The time is now.



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